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Yamaha PSR-E243 and PSR-E343 keyboards [NAMM13]

January 25, 2013 by  

Yamaha has extended its PSR-E line of beginner-friendly keyboards with the introduction of the PSR-E243 and PSR-E343 instruments. (Compare PSR-E243 with PSR-E343.)

Aimed at those just starting out on their learning journey, both 61-key instruments feature the Yamaha Education Suite which enables students to teach themselves piano.

Yamaha PSR-E243

Yamaha PSR-E243

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Yamaha PSR-E343

Yamaha PSR-E343

As you’d expect, a range of other features include varied auto-accompaniment styles (100/136) and sounds (385/550), USB to HOST connectivity for using the keyboard with a PC or tablet, and audio line input. The PSR-E343 has touch sensitive keys, which implies that (disappointingly) the PSR-E243 has fixed velocity keys.

Both are priced at around $270 RRP. Compare PSR-E243 with PSR-E343.

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