G-Sonique Releases DARKPSY FX466 VST / AU Plug-in instrument DarkPsy FX466 is VST / AU plug-in designed for Darkpsy / Forest / Psycore music production and can be used in various genres of psytrance from fullon to dark prog, as well as in completely different genres such as: film music, video-game music, dark […]

Daily Roundup 17 Jan 2022: G-Sonique DARKSPY, Sequential OB-6 demo, ...

Rhodes Mk8 unveiled Harold Rhodes’ legendary electro-mechanical tine piano returns. Precision built in the UK with the finest hand-selected materials. Optimising the iconic sound of the Rhodes piano, the MK8 offers considerable improvements in tone, touch, intonation and dynamics. All critical components – including tines, pickups, dampers and pedal mechanism – […]

Daily Roundup 16 Jan 2022: Rhodes Mk8, Fred van Hoof, ...

Piano with Steinway Hall of Fame Teacher Dr. Jason Kwak An interesting little video from Dr Jason Kwak, newly inducted into the Steinway Teacher Hall of Fame and teaching at Texas State University. Members of the Piano Department are specialists in many areas, including classical performance, jazz performance, collaborative performance, […]

Daily Roundup 15 Jan 2022: Dr Jason Kwak, Behringer BRAINS, ...

Synth Heads: A Generative NFT Series for Electronic Music Fans The Synth Heads series imagines a world where synths come alive after their creators have gone to bet. Each generative NFT is a unique character of its own; the characters are BØB, Lynn, Pauline, Oscar, Seq-Ee, and Dax 7. The process uses […]

Daily Roundup 14 Jan 2022: Synth Heads, Jordan Rudess on ...

Are you looking for a more serious music keyboard for your child? Read our guide: Choosing Your Child’s (First) Keyboard Instrument. Alternatively, take a look at other small keyboards for young children. Not got the space or budget for your budding Rachmaninov to play a full-size piano? Or do you […]

Ten toy pianos you and your child will love!

Updated for 2021. Are you looking for a music keyboard for your child? Read our guide: Choosing Your Child’s Keyboard Instrument Here are my ten recommendations of piano books for kids. They will help your child learn how to play the piano and keyboard, including identifying and playing notes and […]

10 books to help your child learn to play piano ...

Getting children interested in music-making from a young age is so important and can set them up for a lifetime of enjoyment. With so many health and wellbeing benefits associated with the ability to play an instrument, irrespective of what skill level is attained, starting toddlers and very young children […]

Small keyboards for young children: The best of 2021

Welcome to this year’s guide to gifting for the musicians in your life. We’ve split the guide into various categories or types of musician you might want to buy for, and within each are gifts at various price ranges. Hopefully there is something for everyone this holiday season. Skip to: […]

Keyboard Musician Gift Guide Winter and Christmas 2021

Roland GO:PIANO88
Many people agree that anyone serious about learning the piano needs to have an instrument with the full 88 keys at their disposal. Of course there are many stage pianos and even some upright acoustics with fewer keys – 73 or 76 are common – as they are generally more […]

Roland GO:PIANO88 launched for aspiring pianists

Roland FP-10 digital piano
Roland has announced its latest entry-level digital piano, the FP-10, designed to offer premium sound and playability to those seeking out their first keyboard instrument. Featuring Roland’s high quality digital piano sound with an expressive 88-weighted key design, the FP-10 is also portable despite including inbuilt stereo speakers. It’s also […]

Roland FP-10 digital piano: affordable quality instrument

Novation SL MkIII keyboard controller
Novation has announced the latest incarnation of its SL series, with the SL MkIII hardware controller, designed to offer deep integration with Ableton Live. Boasting MIDI and CV, this controller features an 8-track polyphonic sequencer, and is designed to be equally at home controlling computer-based DAWs as well as a […]

Novation SL MkIII flagship hardware controller announced

Roland AX-EDGE Keytar in black
Keytars have been around since the 1970s, with their popularity in pop music culture peaking in the 1980s. Synth keyboards with a neck and strap, they’re designed to be worn and played like guitars by keyboard players. Perhaps mocked, they remain interesting and popular instruments, which is likely why Roland […]

Roland AX-EDGE Keytar released

Roland LX708 digital piano
Roland has announced three new digital pianos in an LX700 series, all designed to accurately simulate high quality acoustic pianos with PureAcoustic modelling and ambience technology. The flagship LX708, midrange LX706, and entry-level LX705 deliver great sound and feel thanks to Roland’s technology which emulates how acoustic pianos create sound, […]

Roland LX700 digital pianos launched

Yamaha CP73 and CP88 stage pianos
Sporting some new design aesthetics which wouldn’t look out of place on a Nord keyboard, Yamaha’s latest much-talked-about stage pianos have now hit the stores, after being unveiled at NAMM this year, plus previewed by a few lucky keyboard players. The CP73 and CP88 keyboards, as the names suggest, are […]

Yamaha CP73 and CP88 stage pianos revealed

Yamaha Pianica P37E
Yamaha has announced a new breath-powered keyboard instrument, the P37E Pianica. With a nod to the melodica, this instrument combines the sounds associated with wind instruments with the familiarity of a keyboard instrument. The sound is described as being somewhere between that of a harmonica and an accordion, ye4t is […]

Yamaha P37E Pianica: breath-powered keyboard instrument unveiled

Yamaha YDP-144
Yamaha has introduced three new models in its line of Arius digital pianos. The YDP-144, YDP-164 and YDP-S54—like their predecessors—are aimed at improving music students who need something more advanced to practice and hone their piano skills, but for whom an acoustic piano is impractical or out of budget. Last […]

Yamaha expands Arius digital piano line for 2019

Yamaha MODX synth
Yamaha has announced the successor to its MOXF6 and MOXF8 synths, with the introduction of three flagship MODX models. Available as 61 and 76 semi-weighted key models and an 88-key graded and weighted keyboard, these lightweight instruments are designed to appeal to a wide range of musicians, from dedicated synth […]

Yamaha MODX synths: MOXF and more

Yamaha P-121 digital piano
Yamaha has announced its first 73-key, weighted digital piano: the P-121 aimed at beginning pianists and gigging musicians. With 15 fewer keys (just over an octave) than a standard 88-key piano keyboard, plus lightweight construction, this digital piano is ready to be placed in a smaller living space, or packed […]

Yamaha P-121 73-key compact digital piano launched

Yamaha TransAcousic TA2 pianos
Yamaha has announced its new generation of TransAcoustic pianos, featuring four upright and three grand models. They build on the original TransAcoustic models which gave acoustic pianos volume control, thanks to electro-acoustic transducers located near to each of the instrument’s two soundboard bridges which allow the entire soundboard to act […]

Yamaha TransAcoustic TA2 piano family launched

Yamaha AvantGrand NX1 side
Yamaha has updated its groundbreaking AvantGrand N1 hybrid piano with the introduction of the AvantGrand N1X. Yamaha’s latest instrument features two high quality sample sets from premium acoustic pianos: the CFX and the Bösendorfer. The CFX samples have been optimised for listening through headphones, offering an immersive experience for the […]

Yamaha AvantGrand N1X revealed

Winter NAMM 2019 logo
Roundup of product launches and news from Winter NAMM 2019: Jump to a section: Instruments Acoustic Pianos Digital Pianos Keyboards Synths Organs Others Software Manufacturers Arturia Bösendorfer Casio Effigy Labs Korg Novation Roland Steinberg Yamaha Instruments Acoustic Pianos Yamaha showcases its TransAcoustic TA2 pianos, offering the best of both acoustic […]

NAMM2019 roundup

Yamaha PSR-S670
Be sure to check out our Keyboard Musician Gift Guide Winter and Christmas 2021. We are fast approaching holiday season, and with Christmas on its way, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the aspiring musicians in your family. Here, we have put together a list of some of […]

14 of the best music keyboards for Christmas 2018

Roland GP609 digital grand piano front view
Roland has introduced its GP609 digital grand piano, combining the luxury and elegance of an acoustic grand piano with the benefits of a modern digital piano. This is a classic 4.9′ (150cm) depth grand digital piano, weighing in at just 325lbs (148kg), with a built-in 6.1-channel multi-speaker system for powerful […]

Roland GP609 digital grand piano announced

Yamaha has introduced two new models in its popular PSR-E series. These entry-level models are typically aimed at beginning keyboard players, although they have plenty of features for more advanced players also. The PSR-EW410 is the new flagship model, featuring 76 keys, a Groove Creator function for adding intros, section […]

Yamaha PSR-EW410 and PSR-E463 portable keyboards introduced

Yamaha Arius YDP-S34
Yamaha has added to its Arius line of digital pianos with the introduction of its new flagship YDP-184 and slim YDP-S34 models. One of the key improvements in the new instruments, compared with previous models, is the addition of the meticulously sampled and highly realistic Yamaha CFX concert grand piano […]

Yamaha Arius flagship YDP-184 and YDP-S34 announced

Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X
Yamaha has succeeded its successful NU1 upright hybrid piano with the introduction of the AvantGrand NU1X. Based on the legendary U1 acoustic upright piano, the AvantGrand NU1X improves upon the NU1’s multi-samples of the Yamaha CFX concert grand, and adds the Bösendorfer Imperial as a second piano. On-board, front-facing 16cm […]

Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X succeeds NU1 hybrid piano

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-695GP
Yamaha has added to its line of CLP-600 Series Clavinova digital pianos with the flagship model CLP-695GP. Available in polished ebony or polished white finish, this top-end Clavinova is designed to fill any room with realistic piano sound. Together with its realistic Grand Touch keyboard action, including individual key counterweights, […]

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-695GP adds to CLP-600 series

Bösendorfer Dragonfly grand piano
Five years after the first Marquetry series of grand pianos was unveiled, Bösendorfer has revealed the fourth in the series. The new Dragonfly grand piano has been designed in keeping with the Viennese tradition of incorporating visual art on the inner side of the lid. Recreating beautiful scenes of nature, […]

Bösendorfer Dragonfly grand piano added to marquetry range

Yamaha has added two new models to its range of PSR-S arranger workstation range, showing them off at Winter NAMM 2018. The PSR-S975 supersedes the PSR-970 and is now hailed as the “ultimate PSR”, while the PSR-775 takes over from the PSR-S770. Yamaha PSR-S975 Yamaha’s new flagship PSR arranger workstation […]

Yamaha PSR-S975 and PSR-S775 workstations added to S Series

The biggest names with the latest products in pianos, synths, digital music, sampling, DJ and more, announced at Winter NAMM 2018. Stay tuned to this page for a summary of the most interesting new launches and links to more details. Acoustic Pianos Bösendorfer Bösendorfer Dragonfly grand piano added to marquetry […]

NAMM 2018 Roundup

As part of my Depth Year, I’m challenging myself to create and publish an improvisation every day in 2018. I know a variety of factors will see to make that difficult. Fitting it into my schedule is the least of the issues — perfectionism and fear will be the biggest […]

PSimprov: A year of daily improvisation

My Daily Improvisations for January 2018. 1 Jan 2018 2 Jan 2018 3 Jan 2018 4 Jan 2018 5 Jan 2018 6 Jan 2018 7 Jan 2018 8 Jan 2018 9 Jan 2018 10 Jan 2018 11 Jan 2018 12 Jan 2018 13 Jan 2018 14 Jan 2018 15 Jan […]

PSImprov January 2018

Although this guide was written in 2018, no subsequent releases of GarageBand have included the ability to change time signatures midway through a project. Introduction While most music compositions and arrangements you’re likely to work on will be written in just one time signature, you may well find yourself needing […]

How To Have Multiple Time Signatures in GarageBand

“When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” is one of the most well-known and loved Christian hymns of all time. It was written by Isaac Watts in the early 18th century. As common with many hymns, it has been sung to a variety of melodies. This tutorial uses the Rockingham tune […]

How to Play “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” on ...

One important consideration when buying any keyboard-based musical instrument is the weight of the keys. The ‘weight’ of a key refers to the amount of pressure it takes to depress it. The key weight generally ranges from very soft/light organ and synth style keys, through semi-weighted keys, up to piano-style […]

How to choose the right key weight for your keyboard ...

More detailed comparison of the PSR-S970 and PSR-975 plus a full specification comparison sheet for the newest five PSR-S models and PSR-SX models are further down this article page. Yamaha introduced its first S Series arranger workstation keyboard in July 2006, meaning the range is well on its way to its fifteenth […]

Yamaha PSR-S/PSR-SX Series Comparison: All seventeen models compared

Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table by Rick Wakeman
We’ve just heard that Rick Wakeman is a headline act at next year’s Stone Free Festival (18/19 June 2016, O2 Arena, London). As part of the 12-hour-per-day multi-stage festival, Rick will be performing the album “The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table” in […]

Rick Wakeman to perform entire “King Arthur” album live at ...

Update: Just realised the post in question is nearly four-and-a-half years old. Apparently, though, it’s OK for a “scrapbooker” to make a six-figure annual salary, but not a piano teacher. We tend to let people alone here at Piano & Synth Magazine, but when we read this rant (passed on […]

Rant Buster: Lain Ehmann bemoans piano teachers