£45,000 grand piano falls off back of a lorry 1

A concert grand piano valued at around £45,000 (about US$88,000) is said to be wrecked after it fell off the back of a removal lorry in Devon, England. The Bosendorfer was being brought to the home of John and Penny Adie, the organisers of the Two Moors Festival, an annual music event on Dartmoor and Exmoor.

It’s unlikely to be repairable; but is currently in London awaiting an independent assessment of the damage. It was insured for £26,000 – its purchase price at auction – not the full £45,000 it would cost to replace it.

Mr Adie said: “Bosendorfers are like the Stradivarius of the piano world. It’s more than money that is the issue here. They are simply irreplaceable.”

The removal firm declined to comment. Maybe they should’ve read the Piano FAQ.

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Bosendorfer grand piano dropped from removal truck.

(Via BBC News)

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  • Erica Feidner

    It is with great sympathy that I contact you with regard to the demise of the Bosenodrfer grand piano that you so heartily worked to purchase.

    I know I can be of assistance in some way.. Please review my website at http://www.pianomatchmaker.com. I have a Bosendorfer model 280 that is out of this world about which I would like to speak to the powers that be in the decision-making process.

    With great sorrow and hope, I remain,
    Yours sincerely,
    Erica vanderLinde Feidner aka The Piano Matchmaker.

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