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Standard musical notation might at first look confusing, but really it’s very logical. This guide will help you to read, interpret and play all but the most complicated printed music. How to label and write notes on the piano keyboard: a basic guide Staves and Clefs The foundation of music […]

How to read printed music: a basic primer for pianists ...

Following our popular Christmas carol piano tutorials we’re now taking a look at some other classic pieces of music that will sound great on the piano or keyboard, regardless of your skill level. So, dive in and learn how to play Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace: Introduction Amazing Grace is an […]

How to play Amazing Grace on the piano keyboard

Yamaha has introduced another couple of models in its range of contemporary digital piano line. Portable But Smaller The Piaggero series is one we’ve not seen before: its name derives from ‘piano’ and ‘leggero’ — which is Italian for ‘light’. In other words, the new NP-V60 and NP-V80 are portable […]

Yamaha intros two new contemporary digital pianos: Piaggero NP-V60 and ...