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Alesis Cadenza angled view
Alesis has shown off the latest addition to its line of digital pianos. The Cadenza features 88 hammer-action graded weight keys and a range of simple controls designed to allow the pianist to concentrate on the performance. The Cadenza features eight stereo voices, and although Alesis doesn’t seem to want […]

Alesis Cadenza digital piano unveiled

Alesis Vortex Keytar angled view 1
Alesis has introduced its Vortex USB/MIDI Keytar controller complete with an onboard accelerometer. Bearing similarities to the Roland AX-Synth, the Vortex gives keyboard performers the freedom to move around during a performance while still being able to control a host of other equipment. Alesis Vortex Key Features Dynamic, shoulder-worn performance […]

Alesis Vortex USB/MIDI Keytar with Accelerometer unveiled

Overview One of the very first synths created, in the late 1960s, by England-based Electronic Music Studios. The highly portable modular synth featured a three octave keyboard, monophonic sound, noise generator, two input amps, one ring mod, one voltage controlled low-pass filter and spring reverb unit, one trapezoid envelope generator, […]

EMS VCS3 [Vintage]