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31 Brilliant Piano Photographs

Since this post was created, some images have been removed. Unfortunately this is beyond our control. For more piano photos and images, check out our piano board on Pinterest.

Here are thirty-one really cool photos of upright and grand pianos, their innards and their surroundings, arty and close-ups.

Click on any of the photos to go to the original Flickr photostream and to view them in larger sizes — many benefit from being seen in much greater detail, particularly those of the insides of pianos.


1. Grand Piano by Spojení

Grand Piano by Spojení

I love the perspective and colours on this grand piano. Spojení describes it as a “lousy picture” but I really like it.

2. Grand Piano by Kentfield

Grand Piano by Kentfield

Yes, really is made out of LEGO. Ironic that this Grand Piano is in fact a tiny model.

3. Grand Piano by crabchick

Grand piano by crabchick

Another grand piano’s inside here, again with lovely colouring. I love the patterns formed by the strings and how plush everything looks.

4. Grand Piano by unforth

Grand Piano by unforth

A lovely ornate 19th grand piano, so decorative.

5. Miro Grand Piano by codepo8

Miro grand piano by codepo8

Just love the colours and sense of fun of this Schimmel grand piano. Definitely one for the kids… of all ages.

6. Grand Piano by pajp

Grand Piano by pajp

OK, it’s a really blurry and grainy shot but I still see something artistic in this piano.

7. Under the Hood by warrenski

Under the hood by warrenski

Yes, another grand piano’s innards. More subtle colours to the previous photos.

8. The Piano by Arjun01

The Piano by Arjun01

The interior of a baby grand piano, in black and white. Definitely click through to the full size image as the lines of the hammers and strings is pretty special.

9. Ivories by Jono Rotten

Ivories by Jono Rotten

Photo of a weathered piano, dirtied keys, fading and bronzing of the ebony.

10. The Piano’s Been Drinking by Hryck

The Piano's Been Drinking by Hryck

A close up of damaged keys, this piano’s not in a happy state at all but it’s definitely artistic even if it would be uncomfortable to play.

11. Torley on Piano – awesomelicious art by Wynter Bracken

Torley on Piano

Just love the colouring on this art composition.

12. Piano Tombstone by NatalieMaynor

Piano Tombstone

Definitely an original gravestone, this.

13. Piano Keys by mararie

piano keys

These types of shots are very common, but I love the light falling on these keys and the texturing that comes out from them.

14. Piano by MaltaGirl

piano by MaltaGirl

Lovely black and white shot of an upright piano.

15. Fats Domino’s Piano, Post Katrina by delgaudm

Fats Domino's Piano, Post Katrina

“In the Cabildo in Jackson SQuare, there is a small room with artifacts that will be included in a Katrina Exhibit. One of the items on display is Fats Domino’s piano. This was a practice piano of his, and is pictured on one of his album covers.”

16. Piano Keys by Gog Llundain

Piano Keys

Another close-up of piano keys — F, F# and G — with texturing.

17. Dirty Piano Keys by eflon

Dirty Piano Keys

Shouldn’t let a piano get into this state, but it’s a great shot nonetheless.

18. Piano Strings by easement

Piano Strings 2

More lovely colours and geometry.

19. Chickering piano by ktylerconk

Chickering piano

Close-up of the logo of this Chickering piano.

20. Hammer of Piano by Hoder Slanger

Hammer of piano

Close-up of a piano hammer mechanism.

21. 2 Remaining Pianos by Luiza

two remaining pianos

Graffiti on these pianos which have been placed outside. Very interesting shot.

22. Moo Piano by Frostey

Moo piano

Definitely decorated as a cow, this upright piano in the meeting house of Friends Camp, South China, Maine.

23. Piano by t.spang


Another piano in house surroundings, with great reflections coming from the polished body and lovely shadow effects.

24. Piano Keys by isaac bowen

piano keys

A really clean shot of this keys close-up.

25. 2.16.09: ivory by Team Dalog

2.16.09: ivory

I really love the colouring, out of focus photo. “A set of keys that haven’t been tickled in a while, I must say. You can see middle C is a little lower than the rest of ’em, and the reason for this is that it gets stuck all the damn time.”

26. My Love Affair With the Piano by cristina.m

My Love Affair with the Piano

Piano keys trailing into the distance. Lovely perspective and colouring here. The structure of the foreground keys is great.

27. Abandoned by eflon


This is probably the piano that yielded its dirty piano keys. Definitely abandoned. Great shot though.

28. A better class of busker? (mono) by Mrs Logic

A better class of busker?

This amazing photo definitely needs a closer look. Wonderful composition, bizarre setting.

29. Hammers and Brass by chelseagirl

hammers and brass

Another really cool piano innards shot, golds and oranges.

30. The Pink Octave by active metabolite

The Pink Octave

Just love how this photo has been composed. Great colour.

31. Chords by sanbeiji


Superb close up of the piano strings.

For more piano photos and images, check out our piano board on Pinterest.

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