Admin note [boring]

Because certain sections of the web community can’t be trusted, and insist on coping entire chunks of RSS feed and claiming it as their own, I’m disabling full RSS feeds from now on.

This means more work for me, and frustration for those of you who like to read full news in your RSS aggregator.

More work for me, because I will try to write a meaningful excerpt of the piece (rather than just supplying the first few lines of the article) that will hopefully help you to know whether it’s worth clicking through to the site to read the entire article.

Continued below...

I do hope you’ll stick with us here, either via feed or by visiting the web site. Things have slowed a bit recently due to other commitments and a short bout of ill health, but we aim to bring you the best in piano and synth news, views and reviews every day.

If any of you are interested, we still have writing opportunities at Piano and Synth.