Alchemy Preset Design Competition – Win $300! 1

New sound design talent is always welcome at Camel Audio, and to encourage this they’re offering the chance for as-yet undiscovered sound designers to win up to $300 by submitting a bank of ten presets.

Camel Audio writes:

How to Enter

Create a bank of 10 of your best presets and ensure they adhere to the sound design guidelines, then upload the bank to Camel Audio the user library. Please pay particular attention to make sure that any samples you include were created by yourself, without using any copyright material. Entries must be in by 31st August 2010 at the very latest.

Anyone sending in presets which meet our high standards will receive payment at our usual rate of $30 for each preset (or $60 worth of Camel Audio software) and the winning entry will receive guaranteed payment for all 10 presets ($300 or $600 worth of software).

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We will only accept submissions with exactly 10 presets, we will not accept multiple submissions and we will reject any submissions which do not meet our guidelines. Sound designers who have created a signature Sound Library (biomechanoid, Luftrum, Junkie XL…) are not eligible to enter. Winners must sign a sound design agreement clarifying that no copyright material has been used in the creation of the sounds, and assigning the right to distribute the presets to Camel Audio. Presets selected may at Camel Audios discretion be included in the factory sounds for Alchemy or other Sound Libraries.

Check out the sound design tutorial videos (or the ones on YouTube if you don’t own Alchemy). Also, take a look at the manual, and if that doesn’t answer your question swap tips and tricks on our KVR Audio support forum or in the official preset competition thread.

Good luck!

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