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Alesis Cadenza digital piano unveiled

Alesis has shown off the latest addition to its line of digital pianos. The Cadenza features 88 hammer-action graded weight keys and a range of simple controls designed to allow the pianist to concentrate on the performance.

The Cadenza features eight stereo voices, and although Alesis doesn’t seem to want to share exactly what they are at present, we do know there’s at least one acoustic grand piano and one string sample. We’d imagine the others are fairly standard fare, such as piano variation, electric pianos, harpsichord and organ.

The touch sensitivity is adjustable, and there’s a two-track recorder, metronome, audio input and output, chorus and reverb effects, supplied sustain pedal, and built-in speakers with adjustable treble and bass controls.

Check out the video below. The sound quality isn’t great so it’s definitely one worth checking out for yourself.

Alesis Cadenza Key Features

  • 88 hammer-action keys for full piano range with graded, weighted feel
  • Adjustable touch sensitivity for customized performance
  • Choose from among eight stereo instruments with the ability to split and combine sounds
  • Onboard two-track recorder for listening back to your unique creations
  • Built-in speakers for rich, full sound that fills the room
  • USB computer connection for recording, performing, and sequencing with virtually any Mac or PC music software
  • MIDI Input and Output jacks for working with external keyboard controllers and sound devices
  • Auxiliary 1/4″ (3.5mm) stereo input for playing along with an external music player
  • Headphone jack for silent practice with your favorite headphones
  • Comes with sustain pedal for complete musical expression
  • Chorus and Reverb effects give you flexible variation over instrument sounds
  • Metronome for practicing with a steady beat
  • Backlit, blue LCD screen gives you easy-to-read information in any lighting conditions
  • Dedicated Bass and Treble controls for optimizing the speaker system for any room
  • Eight demo songs for exploring the Cadenza’s musical capabilities

Pricing and availability is still to be confirmed.