Allegro Multimedia Announces Strategic Partnership with Suzuki Music Corporation

Allegro Multimedia, a leading provider of music gaming software and music education tools, and Suzuki Music Corporation recently announced a strategic partnership agreement to fulfill keyboards for Allegro’s Piano Wizard video game.

The strategic partnership agreement will ensure that Allegro’s customers are equipped with the finest keyboards on the market to compliment the most innovative music education video game available. In addition to supplying Allegro with keyboards for Piano Wizard, Suzuki will also feature Piano Wizard in the annual Suzuki Musical Instrument Catalog that will be distributed in August.

“Reaching an agreement to have Suzuki as our hardware partner is a huge step for our company, our product and ultimately our customers,” says Chris Salter, CEO of Allegro Multimedia. “Coupling the strength and quality of the Suzuki name with the amazing teaching power of Piano Wizard means all aspiring musicians will have access to one of greatest teaching tools for years to come. We are making music both affordable and accessible to everyone.”
Allegro and Suzuki are developing new software/hardware bundles that will satisfy the needs of underserved markets. In particular, the education market is an area that Allegro and Suzuki have identified as a key market for the adoption of the Piano Wizard teaching system. Suzuki will begin by supplying a sleek looking metallic blue, 49 note digital midi keyboard. The 49 note keyboard plugs into any PC or Mac with the included USB cable.

“The Piano Wizard teaching system is one of the most innovative ways to teach piano we have ever seen; our company feels confident that this platform represents the next generation of piano lessons,” says David Feigelson, Chief Financial Officer of Suzuki Music Corporation. “Suzuki’s commitment to the education market has earned us the reputation of being the world’s leading provider of musical instruments. Combing our high-quality instruments with Allegro’s ingenious software applications will continue our tradition of excellence in education market.”

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The Piano Wizard platform first teaches the player how to recognize the notes with its innovative and patented 4-step method video game engine. A budding musician will be playing song melodies within minutes and later in the game start using two hands reading real music. “With Piano Wizard’s unique brand of intuitive learning, I have personally witnessed children as young as three who are learning to play Bach and Beethoven,” remarked Chris Salter, CEO of Allegro Multimedia. “Partnering with Suzuki will help our company realize our core mission to bring music literacy across the world.”

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