Anna Barratt not a piano lover: Spoilt brat model gives X-Factor ex’s piano a fishy end

tunapiano.jpgAnna Barratt, the 27 year old (spoilt, immature) model ex-girlfriend of X Factor favourite Ben Mills decided that she needed to exact revenge on the singer after he allegedly cheated on her by hiding chunks of tuna fish under the keys of his piano. “And now finalist Ben, 26, cannot play a note without being hit by the pong of rotten fish.” reports the Sun newspaper.

I’m surprised if he can play a decent note at all, to be honest. Oily fish cannot be good for the wood, quite apart from the appalling smell that must be emanating from the instrument now.

If you have to take revenge over a cheating partner, why not go for something more easily repairable, such as clothing? Why take out your pathetic retaliation on a beautiful musical instrument?

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Anna. Your £4,500 bill for damages might just cover restoring or replacing the piano.

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“He’s a shallow, spineless gibbon.” said Anna. Yeah, that’s coming from a spoilt brat? Grow up Barratt.