Bobby McFerrin: Fun with Mozart

The 10-time Grammy winner returns to the Heinz Hall podium Wednesday for a program of classical music he loves, leavened by a segment in which he’ll employ his incredible four-octave voice and improvisatory skills with members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

McFerrin’s love of classical music runs deep, back to his parents who were opera singers. His father Robert McFerrin Sr. was the first black to solo at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Bobby studied clarinet and piano as a child, but became a star as a singer with incredible range — four-octaves in notes and able to encompass a world of styles from jazz to world music. His “Simple Pleasures” album, a tribute to music of the 1960s, won a Grammy, while the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” won for Grammys for record of the year and song of the year in addition to being a worldwide best-seller.

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