Boesendorfer piano makers in financial trouble 2

The 177-year-old Austrian piano makers are in financial trouble and may be sold off by Bawag Bank as it seeks to shed unprofitable companies.

Musicians owning Boesendorfer pianos include Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel.

The company sold 280 pianos last year, compared with about 500 in 2001.

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2 thoughts on “Boesendorfer piano makers in financial trouble

  • Graham English

    Seems a shame to see such an musical icon go through hard times. I’ve often thought about turning my internet marketing skills to piano sales. If anyone at Boesendorfer is reading this and wants some free internet marketing consulting, they should call me. I’ve got a ton of ideas 🙂

  • Andy Post author

    It must be tough with what is a pretty exclusive instrument. Yes it’s a great shame, to think that an iconic piano maker could become extinct.

    Hopefully it won’t come to that. I guess in general acoustic piano sales are down, because many people don’t have the money, space or desire to play.

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