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Bösendorfer 200DE3 Performance Reproducing Piano [NAMM13]

Bösendorfer 200DE3Yamaha will use this year’s NAMM show to display the Bösendorfer 200DE3 Performance Reproducing Piano.

The 200DE3 is the first non-Yamaha piano to feature the company’s award-winning Disklavier performance reproducing technology, which is integrated inside the new model as part of its meticulous, handcrafted manufacturing process.

The Bösendorfer 200DE3 derives from the vaunted Bösendorfer 200, which has enjoyed enormous popularity with music schools and professional teachers at conservatories for over 50 years. Its compact size makes it equally at home in private spaces. The model features the famous, rich and moving Bösendorfer sound, along with superior quality workmanship and optimal use of materials to create lasting value and the best sound possible.

“This is the first time that we have extended the Disklavier system to another manufacturer’s name, and in this case it enhances both brands,” said Mark Anderson, Marketing Director, Yamaha Keyboard Division.

“Because consumers are confident in the reliability and performance capability of the Disklavier technology and in Yamaha pianos, they will perceive an enhanced value for the Bösendorfer 200DE3, which embodies Yamaha’s commitment to upholding the Bösendorfer legacy while adding sophisticated technological enhancements offering many practical benefits,” added Anderson.

By keeping Bösendorfer’s brand integrity intact and adding an advantageous performance reproduction system that only Disklavier technology can bring, Yamaha has created the perfect complement to Yamaha’s high-end Disklavier piano line. Faculty and students at top colleges and music conservatories will appreciate the expanded capabilities that this reproducing technology provides, including the ability to conduct remote lessons and master classes on pianos networked over the internet, which virtually eliminates geographical boundaries between teacher and student.

A great piano like Bösendorfer is a logical place to expand Disklavier technology from its role of enhancing the capacity of quality Yamaha pianos. For almost a quarter century, the award-winning Disklavier performance reproducing piano systems have combined old-world craftsmanship with a range of 21st century features. Disklavier offers a sophisticated, whisper-soft playback system that turns any room into a concert hall. Special music CDs ship with the system, so it’s possible to start enjoying content as soon as the Bösendorfer 200DE3 is delivered. The built-in Disklavier system further expands the Bösendorfer’s capabilities by offering remote control operation along with USB recording and playback. The DisklavierRadio function offers uninterrupted streams of music over 11 different channels delivering classical, jazz, pop and other styles. The unit comes with ample storage space so users can document and share their own performances.