Bösendorfer creates Liszt 200th anniversary grand piano

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When it’s not creating million dollar piano art, Bösendorfer may be readying limited edition grand pianos to mark important musical anniversaries.

Already creating 27 Mozart Edition pianos, marking 250 years since the birth of the great composer, Bösendorfer is now ready to create unique pianos celebrating Franz Liszt’s 200th birthday year.

Liszt was born on October 22nd, 1811, so they have a few months to perfect the instruments.

Only 25 will be made, finished in black polyester and with gold leaf inlays and a silhouette of Liszt on the music desk. Each piano will be accompanied by a full-size reproduction of a painting entitled “Franz Liszt plays for Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth”.

Existing Bösendorfer piano customers can elect to have their instruments customised.