Bösendorfer Model 155 SP compact grand piano introduced [NAMM12]

Those wanting the amazing acoustic grand piano experience but in a smaller frame size will be interested to here that renowned piano maker Bösendorfer (owned by Yamaha) has revealed its Model 155 SP.

As model numbers reflect the length of the piano in centimetres, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this grand piano is 155cms (about 5 foot 1 inch) in length.

Before this, Bösendorfers were a minimum of 170cms (5 foot 7 inches) in length.

Bösendorfer Model 155 SP acoustic grand piano

Bösendorfer Model 155 SP acoustic grand piano

It’s the first new model from Bösendorfer in a decade, featuring the customary single stringing, separately cast screwed–on capo d’astro and the open pin block on the cast iron plate, resonant case principle with no corner joints as per the model 170, and the same key length as models 170-200.

That’s it. That’s all you’re getting for now. Hopefully we’ll get information about availability in due course.