Can playing the piano reduce stress?

I think there’s a already fairly clear link between music and reducing stress levels, and it’s plain to hear that music has an effect on our emotions and thoughts.

How about playing the piano? Is there something extra calming about producing the music yourself, rather than simply listening to someone else play?

I am sure it’s the approach one takes to playing that makes a difference – what playing the piano means to each individual.

If you recall nervously playing for a harsh teacher, your experience of playing the piano will be anything but stress-reducing.

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But if you see it as fun, relaxing and enjoyable, then there’s a good chance you’ll begin to lose yourself in the experience, reducing your stress and (even for a moment) leaving the cares of the world behind.

There’s a practical example in this article about Connie Luciani, mother of a young girl with cerebral palsy. For her, attending ‘stress-free piano lessons’ have been beneficial in many ways – she learns a new instrument, has time away from her emotionally and physically demanding family life, and is having fun.

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