Carpediem: Piano/violin duo set for big things?

Though they differ in many ways, from political views to even musical taste, there is something about the teenagers Tomas Fourdyce (pianist) and Meghan Farnsworth (violinist) when they play together.

”We’re trying to break a code,” Fourdyce said. ”There are so many songs where the violin accompanies the piano or vice versa. We want to play together cause we want to show the world we’re a team, no matter what.”

Disappointed with a third out of thirty placement in a local (Wellington) Star Competition talent show, they took their ‘loss’ as motivation for their dream.

They are beginning request for sponsorship from Yamaha; if successful they will have instruments supplied for them.

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Next on the agenda is the recording of a professional CD.

Wellington school board member Ayers Ratliff booked Carpediem at a couple of local events after hearing them play at the talent show. Ratliff said everyone had such wonderful things to say about them that he scheduled them to play at Wellington Manor and Wellington High School Alumni Reunion, where he said they were ”a big hit.”

‘Their talent backs up their personalities,” he said. ”They are really, truly gifted.”

Fourdyce said, ”We want to go big because in our eyes, music is the universal language. Authors write, singers sing, painters paint. We want people to be able to soak up our music.”

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