Casio CK-500 unearthed by Retro Thing 9

Now this has got to be one of the most bizarre keyboards I’ve seen in a long time. Of course, at the time the Casio CK-500 was cutting edge, but now it shouts 1980 very loudly with all the retro stuff it has on it.

Even ignoring the fact it’s got a dual cassette deck which can be used for dubbing tapes (remember doing that), the whole thing just looks so ancient.

Casio CK-500

Bohus at Retro Thing describes the electronic beauty that he still owns:

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The keyboard is nothing special – it’s the same guts as their MT-68. It’s got those same lovable analog “blip blip” rhythms that you fell in love with on the organ at your grandma’s. The tones aren’t anything really remarkable either, though the built in mixer to adjust the volume on the various automated parts of your performance are a nice touch. To get started, just hit a punch-button to dial up your instrument sound, then select between a dozen rhythms and auto-accompaniment styles.

The real eye-catcher here is the dual-well stereo tape deck. The A & B decks are switched from where you might expect them to be, but you can still easily dub tapes (though not with a single touch as many decks of the era). Now if we could only figure out those cool turntablist tricks on dual tape decks.The buttons ka-chunk satisfyingly into place – no servos here! Another interesting aspect is that the radio features AM, FM, and shortwave. So if you’ve got six D cells tearing a hole in your pocket, you can bring the CK-500 along on your boat or while you’re DXing around the country, and not miss any of the thrills of shortwave radio.

I almost feel like getting hold of one of these just to record and mash up some weird sound mixes. I probably won’t though. For a start, I don’t own any cassette tapes any more.

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9 thoughts on “Casio CK-500 unearthed by Retro Thing

  • troy morgan

    how can i get my paws on a casio ck 500 . I had one when i was like 7 or 8 and i still make music because of this crazy device I would shoot your mother 4 1 of these with a hot load

  • Anita

    I have a Casio Ck 500 that was my mothers with cord and manual. I went on the internet to figure out how much to sell it for but the only thing I could find was a comment that it is hard to find and that it would sell for double the original price of $109. Is there anyone who could tell me how much would be to low to sell it for?

  • Andy Post author

    Anita, I guess the unhelpful answer is that you can sell it for as much as someone is willing to pay.

    You could stick it on eBay though it’s not a niche site, or try and sell it via a specialist music / keyboard magazine or shop. I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to get a few hundred dollars for it through a private sale.

  • Anita

    Hey Andy, thanks for responding, I appreciate your suggestions and will check them out. In the meantime I will check back here periodically to see if maybe Troy Morgan leaves another message, if he was serious about “get my paws” on one.

  • Jesse Ruff

    Hey Anita,
    Do you still have your keyboard? If so, perhaps we could work something out? Give me a shout if you’re looking to unload it. I’m in Chicago.
    Jesse (

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