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Retro Casio KeyboardRetrothing has an interesting article about the Casio CZ-101 which was Casio’s debut into the world of ‘professional’ synthesis.

It featured 4 octaves of mini keys (argh), 8 note polyphony, 8 oscillators, 4 parts, MIDI, and even clips for a guitar strap for those super-cool(?) synth solos at front of stage!

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It just shows that you can’t dismiss old synths – they still have their fans and their uses, and in fact now sell on eBay for almost double their original US$109 price tag.

5 thoughts on “Casio CZ-101 vintage synth

  • Brian

    I bought a Casio CZ-101 in 1985 out of a J&R music catalog for $289. I’m not sure where you found your $109 figure for the original price, but I don’t think they were ever that cheap brand new. I sold mine for $50 15 years later and regret it every day. I only find solace playing my Yamaha P250 gorgeous hunk of stage piano. God bless Japanese electronics companies!

  • Richard

    What was the name (model) of the Yamaha digital piano used in the mid 80’s (Peter Gabriel) mid sized, 2 ft of sound board space behind keys. Sorry so cryptic. Help in identifying would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Dorin

    Hello everyone!
    Excuse my english!(i’m from Romania)
    I want to buy a casio cz 101 but i dont know any!can you help me?
    i’ve found some on ebay but they dont shipp to romania!
    i realy want this sinthesizer!
    please contact me if you know something:

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