Cherub shows off music gadgets [NAMM11]

Cherub has shown off a few gadgets which will be of interest to keyboard and piano players.

First up comes the WMT-280 Rhythm Trainer, a 3-in-1 tuner, metronome and tone generator with a 20ms response time. OK, so the tuner may not be of great use (though you can always be the best friend of the guitarist who’s forgotten his) but the metronome functionality is always useful even if your keyboard has it’s own built in (you can bet the audio output has been rerouted somewhere so you can’t hear it).

cherub rhythm trainer

They’re pretty nifty looking, too, available in four colours — black, red, orange and blue.

Alternatively, why not try the WMT-220 Metro-Tuner, a stylish looking metronome with a treble clef pattern on the front.

Other Metro-Tuners with more traditional looks include the WMT-578, WMT-555C, WMT-568T and WMT-588C.

Designed specifically for beginner piano players, the WSM-260 Piano Mate is an advanced digital metronome available in black or white.

cherub mechanical metronome

If you’d prefer a traditional mechanical metronome, take a look at the WSM-330, available in a wide range of colours.

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