Chima sees rise in triangle piano sales

I’ll admit I’d never heard of a “triangle piano” before, but apparently they are becoming quite the rage in Chinese cities of late.

A recent article in the Shanghai daily reports that piano makers are focusing on this high-end instrument.

“Sales of more expensive triangle pianos jumped by 50 percent in the past year in Shanghai while sales of ordinary upright pianos were flat or even dipped in the past year,” said Zhang Musen with Shanghai Music Instruments Association.

This trend is attributed to greater wealth and living space of Shanghai families.

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Zhang Daming, general manager of Dongbie Piano Co, a major piano maker based in Yingkou of Liaoning Province, said the company has started to tap the domestic market for its triangle pianos unlike previously when it only targeted overseas markets like the United States.

“More rich Chinese families want the high-end musical instrument for artistic enjoyment or to decorate their homes,” he said. “We started to focus on the domestic market as the demand is growing.”

I can’t find any decent reference to ‘triangle pianos’ online, so I have no idea what one of these instruments looks like. Does anyone have any references or photographs of this type of piano?

Regardless, pianos seem to be a sought-after luxury item of musical furniture in well-off Chinese homes.