Citizen publishing: musicians and Garageband

Tom Hespos has written an interesting article entitled Low Barriers To Entry Fuel Citizen Publishing in which he mentions Apple’s contribution to consumer music generation by Garageband.

An application called GarageBand typically comes along with the purchase of a new Apple Mac. A deceptively simple application, GarageBand doesn’t come with a manual to explain how to use it. For many, the application is intuitive and easy to use. And the guy who wrote the unofficial manual for the application describes GarageBand as “unfair” in terms of what it is able to do, as compared to what the equipment professional recording engineers can do. Home users can easily create professional-sounding recordings, and folks like me who spent tens of thousands on their way to this point in technological development are kicking themselves.

I don’t mean to give Apple all the credit for ushering in revolutions in content production. I’m oversimplifying for the sake of illustration here. What’s important is that not only did we go through the desktop publishing era in the area of printed materials, but we’re also going through the desktop publishing era in audio recording and production.

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