Classic Cable-Nelson piano brand revived by Yamaha

Cable-Nelson CN116Yamaha have revived the classic Cable-Nelson American piano brand with their entry-level CN116 upright acoustic piano.

Presented as the entry-level to Yamaha quality, this revived brand will be produced at the new Yamaha factory outside of Shanghai, China, with all design and manufacture to be executed by Yamaha using Yamaha employees and equipment. The Cable-Nelson product will offer the same 10-year warranty as other Yamaha brands, with the full support of Yamaha Corporation of America.

The new Cable-Nelson CN116 is a 46″ (116 cm) studio-size vertical piano features a traditional cabinet with toe block and square legs, and will be offered in a high-gloss polyester ebony finish.

Like all Yamaha pianos, it looks fantastic. Entry-level it may be, but it will surely be a fantastic instrument to own and play when space is at more of a premium.

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