Concept electronic drums have real possibilities

electronic-drumsThere’s some great stuff comes up on Yanko Design, such as these concept electronic drums, shaped a bit like a UFO and in gorgeous glossy black that’s just aching to be played with.

These electronic drums won’t only produce some kind of synthetic drum/percussion sound when struck, but also a visual treat in the form of a multicoloured hand print.

Radhika writes: “With each strike, the surface produces lighted impressions of your hand to highlight the effect. I can picture myself sitting in a dim-lit room, thumping this, beat for beat to the songs that I like, and the magical display of lights corresponding to my mood. This is music heaven!”

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Yes, it’s a concept, so specifications are fairly irrelevant, though I reckon once the actual form is constructed, it’d be a rather trivial affair to fit it with MIDI or OSC so that it could be used to trigger other effects and sound modules – perhaps even a lighting rig. Maybe a video output that could be used to project the hand prints.

Whether this will ever make it to production is another matter, but it’s another one of those really cool designs that I could imagine really enjoying playing.