Coolest synth interface ever?

Harmonical v1.00

Tom asks if Harmonical is the coolest synth interface ever:

I was very excited to read Peter at CDM’s report about Harmonical, a new free soft synth from Nial Moody (the guy who build a MIDI guitar pedalboard from wood and joystick parts). Peter spotted that Harmonical is very, very loud, but I’m more interested in the fantastic 3D spinning patterns it makes (and, less so, by the way it crashes my PC whenever I put the ‘wrong’ settings in). It sounds kind of interesting too – sort of FM-synth-gone-wrong.

Niall writes on the ndc website:

Continued below...

A crazy instrument which uses spherical harmonics to modulate the vertices of a sphere. These vertices are then used to generate waveforms for a simplistic additive synthesis engine. Uses opengl to display the modulated spheres (one for every voice). Pretty high cpu usage due to the need to re-calculate 1024 vertices 100 times a second though

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