Daily Roundup 14 Jan 2022: Synth Heads, Jordan Rudess on Syner-V, Arturia Brute Noir, Nord Lead A1 tutorial

Synth Heads: A Generative NFT Series for Electronic Music Fans

The Synth Heads series imagines a world where synths come alive after their creators have gone to bet. Each generative NFT is a unique character of its own; the characters are BØB, Lynn, Pauline, Oscar, Seq-Ee, and Dax 7.

The process uses Generative Art, algorithmically generating new ideas, forms, shapes, colors or patterns, and pays homage to synth culture.

NFTs are “one-of-a-kind” assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold over the internet. They’re designed to show that someone has ownership of a unique virtual item, such as online pictures and videos or even sports trading cards.

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Jordan Rudess plays the Syner-V modern virtual synthesizer from Syntronik 2

Check out Jordan Rudess playing one of the classic synths of Syntronik 2: the Syner-V. The Syner-V is based on the Digital Keyboards Synergy ii+ with its wide range of unique soundscapes and glassy, metallic tones. Although it did not officially use the term “FM” due to Yamaha’s trademark, the Synergy did employ the same basic technology of the GS and DX series as well as the Synclavier FM synthesis.

Arturia releases Brute Noir editions

Arturia has released three new limited editions as part of their Brute line-up of analog synthesizers and drum machines. MiniBrute 2, MiniBrute 2S, and DrumBrute Impact are all getting a stealthy all-black exterior with subtle red and blue appointments, with strictly limited availability for each model.

MiniBrute 2

Analog Monosynth Mutant

The synth that kickstarted the analog revolution, truly unrestrained with huge modular flexibility and expressivity that simply begs to be played.

MiniBrute 2S

Semi-Modular Sequence Machine

The Brute formula in all its compact semi-modular glory, fused with effortless, experimental, and addictive step-sequencing. Classic synthesis reimagined.

DrumBrute Impact

Hard-Hitting Analog Drum Synthesizer

Timeless analog percussion goes Brute mode, with 10 gnarly drum voices, polyrhythmic sequencing, and ripping distortion. Hit hard.

Find out more on the Arturia website

Nord Lead A1 Tutorial: Creating Ambient Atmospheres

In this Sound Creation Tutorial, Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree) walks us through how he creates Ambient Atmospheres using his Nord Lead A1.

“A Simple starter patch for an ambient texture. The low octave has a very slow arpeggiator setting and the LFO is controlling the amp output which produces a looping type effect. The upper octave can be used to play evolving melodies and the mod wheel is used to introduce subtle dynamics”.

There’s also a bank of free sounds available to download for the Lead A1.