Developing a musical ear with Ear Trainer

I found the Ear Trainer to be a great website for practicing ‘ear tests’ (in my graded exams they were aural tests)

This goes far beyond anything I ever learnt, and it’s pretty challenging.

Think you’re good for basic intervals and chords? Great…

…now try advanced intervals, jazz chords, recognition of 26 types of musical scale, note location…

…and to top it all, test out your perfect pitch.

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The advantage of the site is that you can test yourself as often as you like. It’s hard to do that on your own – after all, how do you secretly play a valid interval, chord or scale?

And even with a friend, I don’t know too many people who could even play a Mixolydian b9b13 scale, letalone be happy to do it ad infinitum. Do you?

So, give the Ear Trainer a go – it’s free and works well.