Diagram A noise synth boxes seeking funding

Diagram A is Daniel Greenwood’s “mental feedback research project” that’s been ongoing for over 20 years. All electronics are self-designed and handmade.

The Indiegogo campaign is for a limited edition set of noise synth devices which come with:

  • multiple inputs/outputs
  • multiple pad touch sensitive control for skin contact
  • 4 oscillators
  • noise generator
  • extra copper pads to make it circuit-bender friendly (scope for sputtering, squealing and beeping)
  • connect to pretty much anything

Daniel says, “These devices will be a reliable construction with a body designed by partner/sculpture Alicia Renadette. Alicia has years of experience in fabrication shops and a solid grasp of materials.”

The $7,000 campaign is already about halfway funded but there are only a couple of days left. Check out this live performance video and go contribute if you like the idea.