Dropbox may offer musicians another way to monetize their media

sellbox-logoThere are an increasing number of ways for musicians and other creatives to sell or receive donations for their digital creations, from crowdfunding sites to music sharing portals and the big online players such as iTunes.

Now, a service called Sellbox wants to integrate Dropbox and PayPal and create a way for people to sell content directly from their accounts, and continue to share it across social media and other online platforms.

The video explains that instead of simply sharing free links with users, Sellbox allows creators to set a price for every file they’ve uploaded. This allows fans to buy products easily, with Sellbox taking a 9% cut.

This may be more advantageous for visual artists, as musicians already have quite a number of ways to sell their music. However, it’s another platform which might prove useful to some, particularly if Dropbox is already a significant tool.

It’s purely a sales management tool, whereas other services include their own social and promotion tools. If you already have a pretty good network via Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and so on, Sellbox might be worth looking into.

More info available at SellboxHQ.com