Dubby and Dubstep Pro+ come to iPad, iPod touch, iPhone

Yet another couple of apps in the growing list of software for DJs. This time, LifeVision Studios has brought out its Dubby and Dubstep Pro+ apps for Apple devices.

As the names might signify, these two bits of software are related to one another. Dubby is the ‘lite’ version (though it’s not a free app) whereas Dubstep Pro+ contains more features.


Dubby is jam-packed with the hottest halfstep beats, deep subs, phat wobbly basslines, twisting melodies, bombastic build-ups, vocals, stomping chords and a massive effect section. Huge dubsteps, monster tunes and guaranteed awesome sounds.


  • Integrated iPod Library Access
  • Full realtime recording & automation of all parameters
  • Loop instruments and sounds
  • Individual loading of samples
  • Record your mixes
  • Edit your beat by changing the volume and other effects
  • Integrated Intro Sound Sampler
  • Freestyle mode
  • Voice Recording
  • Use your own custom MP3’s
  • Mastered sounds
  • Fully optimized for iOS multitasking and background operation
  • FX Equalizer
  • Variety of sounds
  • Uses stereo imaging
  • In easy control
  • Full HD Retina display
  • Quick navigation
  • And much more

Dubstep Pro+

The slightly more expensive Dubstep Pro+ “is the fastest and smartest way of making great sounding playbacks or whole dubstep records with minimum effort.”


  • Includes smart recording features that let you enhance the tuning and timing of audio recordings
  • Automatic loop tempo’s
  • Superior Mixing and Editing
  • Good sounding stretching algorithms
  • Innovative Loop-Based Music Creation
  • Professional Effects
  • Transform loops
  • Enhanced remixing tools
  • Record your own vocals and instruments over loops
  • Add your own music to the mix
  • Dynamic playback optimization
  • Integrated iPod Library Access
  • Fully optimized for iOS multitasking and background operation
  • Individual loading of samples
  • And so much more…

Both apps have received very positive reviews and ratings, so if you’re into this genre and looking for something portable, check them out.

Dubby on iTunes Store | Dubstep Pro+ at iTunes Store