Elektron’s TM-1 Turbo MIDI Interface 1

Turbomidi TM-1Elektron have announced their USB MDII interface that’s capable of increasing the original MIDI bandwidth by up to 10 times, which they claim will make MIDI timing more accurate. Though the interface is compatible with any standard MIDI equipment, it comes into its own for any gear that uses the new TurboMIDI standard developed by Elektron.

I’ve never used a MIDI setup big enough or needed something so precise that timing has been an issue, but I guess in larger setups lag can be a problem for synchronisation. Whether this product will help is another matter. They also claim that the increased bandwidth makes it good for doing MIDI sample dumps.

It features 1 MIDI in and 1 MIDI out. If TurboMIDI takes off, presumably we’ll see bigger interfaces in the future. This one’s available for €79.

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