Find: Modified Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard


Here, a Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard has been modified by placing it in Moog-like housing and adding more.

Seller Chris describes it:

Continued below...

Casio SK-1 in Moog-ish Housing with full 2 channel 20 Input RCA Patch-bay, Pitch and Polyphonic Potentiometers, 4 Momentary Push Buttons with Corresponding Potentiometers, 2 Normally Open Glitch Push Buttons, Hard and Soft Reset, 2 Antennas that act as body contacts for pitch control, 1/4 inch Output and Input for Microphone, and a Distortion Toggle. There are also two extra 1/4 inch plugs which could be used as thru’s or extra inputs or outputs. The sides are inch thick Birch Ply-board stained to a darker maple finish, the front and back panels are 1/4 inch Birch Ply-board in a vintage pale green. The sampling function works fine and with the 1/4 input you can run a guitar or just about anything in.

$500 – Link

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