Got about $24K to spend on a modular synth? Try an MC-24


One thing’s for sure—you won’t find this in any ordinary music store.

Gizmodo first alerted me to the No Chip Modular Synthesizer:

est part? This beast costs $24,341 and may or may not come with a super-intelligent goblin that will control it for you while you belt out your latest ballad, “The Girl I Met on the Train on My Way to Prague During My Year Abroad.”

This leads on to MusicThing where we read of The ultimate analog : No chips, military grade, $24k:

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“They are hand built using only the finest materials available including military spec. potentiometers, knobs, and scratch/corrosive resistant front panel stock used by the US Navy… no chips whatsoever in the audio path. Many of our competitors say discrete – but the real truth is, their circuits are hybrid – meaning they use a combination of transistors, chips and some even use the dreaded “transistors- on-a-chip” devices, and try to claim discrete.”

Discrete Synthesizers website says (for the jargon-starved amongst you):

The MC-24 comes equipped with 10 of CMS’s new ultra-linear discrete VCOs (4047). 4 of CMS’s new Phatron filters (4042). Also standard on the MC-24 are 4 of the new CMS discrete VCA modules (4088). To mix the copious amount of VCOs together, we have come up with the new 9015 10 channel discrete stereo mixer featuring CMS’s new discrete op-amp modules (4080). These unique elements, and many more too numerous to list here, combine to form an instrument of unparalleled sonic capabilities.

Oh, and

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