Great dealer offering but I’m holding out for more

Update! See end of post…

I visited a couple of piano showrooms today to try out some digital pianos – I am really missing the piano experience at the moment.

To cut a long story short, one of the dealers was lamenting about the Yamaha P60 being superseded by the P70. He said that the P70 seemed like a bit of an enigma – no-one seemed to know much about it, there was no stock of it, and he had one showroom model of the P60 left to sell.

He offered it to me for a straight £500.

Tempted? Sure I was tempted! It was ticketed at about £660 so he’d knocked over £150 off the asking price to ‘get rid of it’ (his words).

Now, the P60 is a great entry-level digital piano from Yamaha, but here’s the crunch:

It only has 32 notes of polyphony and it’s using an older digital sampling technology.

With the P60 and the P140 sitting side by side, it was fairly obvious to tell the difference. The lowest A note (not that I’d expect to play that often) was noticably better on the P140.

The P60 also doesn’t support half-pedalling, which may not be absolutely essential, but does add to the realism.

The keyboards both have the graded hammer effect, which is noticable, but the P60 doesn’t have different touch settings; again, I could live without it, but it would be nice to have.

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So I turned the salesman down.

I’m saving up for (at least) a P140 — its samples sound gorgeous. Of course, there’s always another level up, but that’s seems like a good deal to me.

Moral: You can find great deals on musical equipment, even when you weren’t particularly looking for them, but don’t get something with less features than you really want just because it’s a good financial deal.

Moral 2: If you are happy with the features of an older model, you can get some great deals when a manufacturer brings out a newer model, but don’t leave it too late or all the stock will be gone.

Update! OK, I am pleased that I didn’t do the deal, because the P70 (which has replaced the P60) RRP is £500 – the same price as I was offered on the P60 – and I could buy it online for £450! I still stand by my ‘morals’ above, but be careful.

In this case, the P70 does feature half-pedalling capacity, but still the same digital samples as the P60.

Glad I didn’t go for it now!

As another update, I’m still quite tempted by the M-Audio ProKeys 88, but I can’t get my hands on one to test it out. I’ve read good reviews.