Has Susan Boyle bought a grand piano?

We’re not much into celebrity gossip at Piano & Synth Magazine, particularly when the source is a British tabloid paper, but then again we are quite interested in who gets their hands on a grand piano.


The Sun is reporting that singer Susan Boyle, despite being on a £300-per-week allowance, has splashed out on a grand piano:

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“Recent purchases include a grand piano, a top iPhone – worth £600 – and some new furniture from Edinburgh’s finest department store, Jenners, for her gaff in Blackburn, West Lothian.”

What amused me straight away is that journalist Gordon Smart obviously has no clue how much a grand piano costs. Note that he swoons at “a top iPhone worth £600”, yet an acoustic grand is likely to cost at least 20 times that.

If true, that’s quite some spend.