Dr. Herb Silverstein improvisational performance

May 22, 2005, renowned surgeon and pianist, Dr. Herb Silverstein will bring music to your ears with his quintessential brand of original jazz compositions and improvisational delights guaranteed to leave your senses in a heightened state.

Dr. Silverstein, a classical pianist in his youth, decided to forego studying music to become a physician. It would be 30 years before he touched the keyboard again. He relearned piano at the age of 48 with help of friend and mentor, Richard Drexler (who has recorded over 300 CDs including such artists as Mike Stern, Gary Burton, Danny Gottlieb, and Dave Liebman).

Silverstein’s latest CD is the result of many hours of love and dedication that has delivered a masterfully inspired release called “Beach Walker,” consisting of 12 original Silverstein compositions. The CD features Dr. Herb Silverstein (Piano), Richard Drexler (Acoustic Bass), Joel Spencer & Steve Moretti (Drums), Jack Wilkins (Flute), with special guests The Lobster String Quartet. Strolling along a soft, sandy shore has provided inspiration for countless people through the ages; today, those same feelings abound and are demonstrated in this eclectic assortment of original songs masterminded by Dr. Herb Silverstein.

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