iConnectMIDI: link musical gear to Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod touch [NAMM11] 1

There are plenty of music creation apps for iPad but they don’t all necessarily have the ability, on their own, to interface with other equipment.

Enter iConnectMIDI, a MIDI interface designed specifically for Apple’s portable products.

The box can be connected up to an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone’s dock, as well as to PCs, keyboards and other MIDI devices. It lets users put their Apple gear right in the loop, and can be particularly impressive when used with the iPad.

Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS version 4.2, uses a CoreMIDI framework which is fully compatible with the iConnectMIDI.

The box features 2x mini USB device ports, 2×2 MIDI DIN ports, and one USB host port. It runs off a 5V DC connection.

The iConnectMIDI is constructed from rugged steel and finished in black powder.


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