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InstaChord fun strumming instrument seeking investment, worldwide launch imminent…

One of the quirkier instruments to hit NAMM — along with the TERRA and the Blipbox MyTRACKS — is the current Indiegogo sponsor-seeking InstaChord.

At first glance it looks a bit like a cross between a video game music controller, enlarged calculator and a keytar (but, hmm, without the keys) with display and speakers, and in fairness it seems initially to be designed for non- or beginning musicians rather than more advanced users. That said, we’re all for some fun and quirky interaction, and who knows when a new, funky interface might just be what’s needed.

The creators say it has a ‘revolutionary user interface’ and ‘in-depth features’ and is, in fact, “game changing”. “No skills? No problem. Experienced musician? You’ll fall in love!”

The InstaChord uses the SAM2695 single chip synthesiser with effects and has 128 onboard tones. The raised long buttons on the main part of the body can be controlled in three different ways. Strumming is generally for guitars and other stringed instruments; hitting for pianos, drums and percussion, and pushing for synths, strings, pads and the like. Meanwhile, the buttons are numbered and claim to let the user play any chord desired with only one or two presses.

Current specification as follows:

  • Size: 420mm x W 210mm x H 50mm
  • Weight: 660g
  • Play Modes: Strum (like guitar strings), Hit (like piano keys), Push (Press harder for more volume)
  • Internal Instruments: 128 types, General MIDI standard
  • Sound Module: SAM2695 by Dream (France)
  • Playable chords: maj, m, 7, m7, M7, mM7, 6, m6, add9, madd9, sus4, dim7, aug, m7-5, slash chords (inversions)
  • Wired connection: Stereo line out, USB-C (recharge/MIDI)
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth LE MIDI?iOS, Mac, QUCCOSOUND mi.1 cable typeB compatible?
  • Battery: 3400mAh, 10 hours play time, 8 hours recharge time

The instrument has already sold over five thousand units in Japan and now the company is seeking the investment to expand and bring it to a worldwide audience.

Check out the Indiegogo page for more information, to see demo videos, and to back it if you so desire.