Interview with Michael Nyman

icLiverpool has an interview with Michael Nyman:

Not many composers can claim to have their own symphony orchestra, to have written music for a computer game and a sex comedy (Keep It Up Downstairs), and to have worked with pop stars such as Blur’s Damon Albarn on the score for Antonia Bird’s 1999 film Ravenous.

At 61, Nyman remains one of the darlings of Classic FM, most famously providing the music for Jane Campion’s Oscar-winning The Piano (1992).

The soundtrack recording, with the composer conducting and playing the solo piano part, has sold more than a million copies.

In it Nyman talks about the new challenge of solo piano performance, and how he will vary his playing style from show to show.

His tour also serves as a launch-pad for his own record label, set up so that he can release his own music at his own speed: “to release as much as possible within as short a time as possible.”

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