iPhone gets Star Guitar synthesiser

starguitar.pngThe number of music applications available for the iPhone just keeps growing, with Star Guitar being just one.

Amidio Software, creators of noise.io, put together an app that lets you play guitar in a variety of styles from a single touchscreen interface.

144 of the most common chords can be played just by tapping a few buttons on the interface, and there are several varieties of guitar and style available.

Unlike some software, the app isn’t designed to simulate the method of playing the guitar, but instead is meant to inspire and to provide an adequate “stand in” when you don’t have a real guitar or guitarist available.

It also allows vocals to be recorded along with the chords, and compositions can be saved in WAV file format and also used with the iPhone’s Beatmaker sequencing software.

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Of course it’s not a perfect substitute for a real guitar but it can aid in composition, impromptu performances and just having fun.

Here’s a video demo of the app in action. It currently costs US$3.99 and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store now.