Jam Synth review, demo and tutorial video

Jam Synth

Jam Synth

Here’s a neat review, demo and tutorial of the latest free version of Jam Synth, all rolled into one.

Jam Synth, for iOS devices (preferably an iPad) is a pitch-to-MIDI converter which works great with guitars, vocals, and other electronic instruments. It’s great when you have a non-MIDI device which you want to use to trigger a sequencer or other sound-generating app which accepts MIDI data.

Given that it’s processing real-time audio, it’s pretty fast and can handle essential performance controls such as pitch bend.

Take a look at thesoundtestroom’s video which covers all the essentials. Jam Synth is now a free app with a few in-app purchases for adding extra features, so there’s zero financial cost for diving in and giving it a go.

Pick up Jam Synth from the iTunes store.