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JamStudio has announced the re-launch of its popular online music creation engine. The new look, version 2.0 site features a music arranger/mixer, providing a virtual band for music creation and songwriting, with new music libraries allowing a wide range of song styles to be created.

JamStudio.com allows musicians and songwriters to hear songs played by a full band and try out styles, tempos, and chord progressions. Songwriters are able to compose backing tracks or demos for producers to hear how the artist envisions the end product. In addition, the site allows students to practice music theory, chord progressions and music production.

The JamStudio.com team of professional musicians and programmers has created an online music factory with an enviable digital music library of more than 40,000 musical phrases. The easy-to-use online music mixer lets users select and mix guitar, keyboard, bass and drums in an endless array of styles and tempos at no charge. After entering chords and choosing instruments, users change the rhythm and style of the music to create a unique sound for their song. Registered members may use their account to save their songs and mixer settings and access them whenever they visit JamStudio.com.

I had a quick look at the site, and it certainly is easy to use and fun to play with. While it won’t come close to the flexibility offered by desktop music sequencing software, even the likes of Apple’s increasingly proficient Garageband, it does offer a great way to sample styles and learn about chord progression and music mixing.

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If nothing else, it could well spark an interest in music production among those who may have been put off by the high financial and time costs of even beginning to learn and use software. It’s a lot cheaper than hiring a band, too.

Worth checking out.


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