John Perry to perform at SJSU as Young Pianists’ Beethoven Competition opener 2

Mercury News reports:

John Perry is not just one of the world’s most famous piano teachers, though his students crop up at the top of major competitions with alarming regularity. Perry, long based at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, also is a top-shelf concert pianist himself. And he is coming to San Jose to perform.

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Saturday night at San Jose State University, he will give an all-Beethoven recital, a kickoff event for the 21st annual Young Pianists’ Beethoven Competition.

2 thoughts on “John Perry to perform at SJSU as Young Pianists’ Beethoven Competition opener

  • john Jefferys

    I have recently come across splendid young pianists on YouTube, Umi Garrett and Tiffany Koo.They are splandid musicians. But I notice the abuse of the English language prevalent in US. A symphony is a type of music on a grand scale. It is NOT the orchestra which plays a symphony. It seems that Americans think a “symphony” is a symphony orchestra. An interviewer asked Umi how it was to be playing with a symphony, when he meant to ask her what it was like to be playing with a symphony orchestra. I have seen the same fault elsewhere including in Umi’s newsletter, Whatever is the purpose of leaving out the word orchestra when speaking of a symphony orchestra?? I notice president Obama used an adjective when it needed an adverb !”We’ll do it quick” Please stop unnecessary mutilation.

  • Andy Post author
    • “Splandid” should be “splendid”.
    • Beginning a sentence with “but”.
    • “in US” should be “in the US”.
    • Use of commas when periods should be used.
    • Lowercase “p” in “president”.
    • Omission of periods at the end of sentences.

    Perhaps you will pay more attention to your own spelling, grammar and punctuation before leaving an irrelevant comment on a very old news item.

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