Jordan Rudess demos Yamaha’s Tenori-On 2

Here’s a short video of keyboard player Jordan Rudess playing around with Yamaha’s Tenori-On sound/light synthesiser.

It shows the other side of the Tenori-On (I hadn’t realised the lights were visible from both sides), and while it means you can’t see exactly what controls Jordan is using, it’s still an interesting demo.

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2 thoughts on “Jordan Rudess demos Yamaha’s Tenori-On

  • SynthesizerZ

    This is the kind of instrument I would love to put my hands on!
    One of the most amazing things on sequencer-kinda-things I’ve ever seen. The light show is awesome.
    I can imagine it on the top of my keyboard stand without any room-lights… it would be really awesome!

    I saw this piece of gear on Jem Godfrey’s blog (TheNewCube.blogspot) but didn’t understand it’s name. Now I know!

    Breno Ronchini

  • Andy Post author

    Absolutely. It sounds really good, and I’d love to try it.

    It can also be used to control other MIDI devices, I believe, so you could have limitless sound possibilities. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could MIDI up to a larger light source, too?

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