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Korg M50
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Number of Keys: 73
Key Weight: Semi-weighted
Key Size: Full
Touch Sensitive:


Number of Voices: 1077
Polyphony: 80
Sound Generation: Enhan
Piano Sounds:
Real World Sounds:
Sounds Editable:

Extra Features



Tablet Connectivity:


Power Supply:


Audio Out:
Audio In:


Sustain Pedal:
Soft Pedal:
Expression Pedal:

Release Info

Year: 2010
RRP: $1899


A serious workstation usually means a serious investment, but Korg and zZounds want to cut you a break. Every bit the professional performance instrument and studio tool, the Korg M50-73 is priced well within the reach of the working musician, yet delivers incredible sounds and a richly rewarding playing experience.

Korg is one of the biggest names in professional keyboards, and they know that a great workstation needs to excel in many different roles. The M50-73 meets and exceeds expectations as a live performance instrument, an integral part of your studio, and as an inspirational composition tool.

Live Performance Instrument

The finest instruments in the world marry beautiful sonics with a solid and expressive feel, and the Korg M50 is no different. The EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound engine gushes with thick synth tones, complex articulated acoustic instruments like strings and brass, and some of the most realistic and playable piano tones in any keyboard in any price range. The main trigger for these sounds is the keyboard--and on the M50-73 that means 73 of Korg's new semi-weighted Natural Touch keys for fast and satisfying synth action. You also get Korg's righteous joystick controller for combined pitch-bend and modulation control. Adding to your performance vocabulary are four real-time control knobs, assignable to any parameter of a patch, but automatically assigned to the ones that you'll get the most use out of. Finally, there are four "chord-assign" buttons which can be used to auto-trigger complex voicing with a single finger, leaving a free hand for melodic playing and turning you into your own accompanist. Adding to your onstage powers is the M50's powerful Combi mode. Up to 16 layers of instrumentation can be combined and triggered simultaneously, and voices can be split by note range or velocity--it's like controlling a whole orchestra with your hands. Topping things off, the M50 supports the KARMA player for the most lifelike, organic, and intelligent backing sequences ever developed.

Integral Studio Component

These powerful sounds are of obvious benefit in the studio, but your M50 becomes so much more when connected to your computer. Via USB, the M50-73 can be accessed as a plug-in with most major multitrack recording programs. Sounds can be triggered directly, and parameters automated just as you would any virtual instrument, and since the M50 powers its own sounds, it takes the processing burden away form your computer's CPU. Of course it also makes an amazing keyboard controller, but the M50 can even act as a DAW control surface. Simply select the appropriate template from a list and get tactile command of your sessions. The Korg M50 turns your entire studio into an expressive instrument.

Compositional Tool

Korg knows the M50 is going to inspire you to think about music in new ways. When you're struck with a flash of brilliance, you're only one button press away from capturing your ideas in a 16-track sequencer. This sophisticated sequencer makes brilliant use of the M50's touch-sensitive screen, which insures you'll never second guess how to access a function or make changes to a mix. How do you move the fader on channel 7? Just touch and slide the graphical slider on the screen. It couldn't be more straightforward, meaning you'll spend less time learning the keyboard and more time making music.

The Korg M50-73 will help you get the most out of your music, and when you get it from zZounds, you'll get the most for your dollar.

Manufacturer's Description for Korg M50-73 73-Key Synth Workstation

Weighing in at just fifteen pounds is the fiery new KORG M50, ready to take on all contenders! Incredible new sounds; fat & juicy combis, splits and layers; a plethora of ace effects; dynamic Drum Tracks; enhanced poly-arpeggiators; classic sequencing tools, a solid, confident keybed; up-to-date SD storage; companion editing software and our famous TouchView interactive display - it all adds up to an invigorating and sexy keyboard instrument that could only come from KORG.

There's One for Everyone

Over twenty years of category-defining workstation expertise beats in the heart of the M50 Music Workstation. Just as the M3 borrowed elements from the legendary OASYS, the M50 captures all the sonic firepower of the M3, distilled into a performance instrument that is second to none. In a word, the M50 just may be the keyboard you've been waiting for. Both 73* and 61 note versions are available, sporting a new semi-weighted Natural Touch keyboard. This new fast and responsive synthesizer keybed facilitates expressive and dynamic performing. Tipping the scales at a mere 46 pounds, the seriously portable 88 key version features our top-of-the-line RH3 Graded Hammer Action, and provides a satisfying performance experience for the piano purist!

A Natural Performer

Made to be played, the M50 is inviting and comfortable. The TouchView screen is intuitive and interactive, allowing the uniquely angled front panel to remain refined and uncluttered. The buttons themselves are rock solid, backlit and rounded for visibility ease-of-use under any playing conditions. In addition to Korg's four-way joystick and multi-function knobs, the M50 offers four Chord Triggers that provide a flexible and fun way to play chords and trigger arp patterns. A ten key numeric keypad allows on-demand instant access to sounds, combis and other parameter/values.

Control surface with 4 Chord Trigger buttons

Hundreds of drum track patterns, and over a thousand arpeggiator patterns - including chord grooves, picking-patterns, and more - are instantly available to add punch and pizzazz to your M50 performance, and to provide hours of inspiration.


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