Roland RD-700GXF

Roland RD-700GXF
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Number of Keys: 88
Key Weight: Piano
Key Size: Full
Touch Sensitive:


Number of Voices: 549
Polyphony: 128
Sound Generation: Super
Piano Sounds:
Real World Sounds:
Sounds Editable:

Extra Features



Tablet Connectivity:


Power Supply:


Audio Out:
Audio In:


Sustain Pedal:
Soft Pedal:
Expression Pedal:

Release Info

Year: 2010
RRP: $2949


The Supreme Piano for Stage Performance Goes SuperNATURAL

The flagship RD-700GX leads the market with its SuperNATURAL® instruments and a PHA II “Ivory Feel” keyboard with Escapement. Just when you thought the best couldn’t get better, the RD-700GXF adds, pre-installed, the acclaimed RD-700GX SuperNATURAL Kit, derived from Roland’s award-winning V-Piano modeling technology and 88-key stereo multisampling piano technology. This provides the RD-700GXF with the most authentic and expressive pianos ever heard in a stage piano.

SuperNATURAL Piano

SuperNATURAL Piano brings a new level of authentic sound and natural performance to the digital domain. Roland’s engineers relentlessly analyzed the complex, ever-changing characteristics of concert grand pianos, faithfully capturing and reproducing the tonal variations based on the velocity of each keystroke. Three key elements have been dramatically enhanced: velocity response, note decay and key-range behavior. The end result is an incredibly expressive and authentic sound that blurs the line between digital and acoustic.

Perfect Touch

Your fingers will love the RD-700GXF’s top-of-the-line PHA II “Ivory Feel” keyboard with Escapement. This amazing keyboard technology reproduces the real surface feel of ivory acoustic piano keys providing a familiar stability and comfort to the pianist. The keys are designed to absorb moisture, ensuring a secure, slip-proof feel, even in the hottest stage environments where sweaty hands can spell disaster.


Another distinguishing feature of the RD-700GXF is its electric-piano sound bank derived from Roland’s unique SuperNATURAL® technology. Enjoy realism, expression, and control like never before with this special selection of EPs that provide amazingly authentic and organic tonal response.

USB Audio Enhancement

Play audio through the RD-700GXF directly from a USB memory key. Flexible file compatibility enables playback of Standard MIDI Files, .WAV, AIFF and MP3s. The "Audio Key" feature lets you use the bottom 15 keys for controlling start song, song length, etc. In addition, you can connect directly to a PC via USB and tap into Cakewalk SONAR LE software, included in every RD-700GXF package.

Custom Shop

For those who like to get inside an instrument and customize its sounds, the RD-700GXF’s Piano Designer feature is your key to unlocking and personalizing the sound-set, down to the smallest details such as Hammer Noise, Damper Resonance, Duplex Scale and more. In the RD-700GXF, sounds can be further customized with the eight channels of powerful onboard multi-effects.

Sound Expansion, Master Control Expand and personalize the internal sound-set by adding up to two optional Roland SRX expansion boards, then take your music to the stage. The RD-GX series make great master controllers, thanks to multi-zone functionality and multiple MIDI outputs (three MIDI outputs).


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