Yamaha CGP1000

Yamaha CGP1000
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Number of Keys: 88
Key Weight: Piano
Key Size: Full
Touch Sensitive:


Number of Voices: 1070
Polyphony: 256
Sound Generation: AWM
Piano Sounds:
Real World Sounds:
Sounds Editable:

Extra Features



Tablet Connectivity:


Power Supply:


Audio Out:
Audio In:


Sustain Pedal:
Soft Pedal:
Expression Pedal:

Release Info

Year: 2010
RRP: $15000



The new CGP1000 is truly a unique acoustic/digital hybrid instrument – combining the accurate reproduction of sampling technology with the richly textured harmonic nuances of a real grand piano. The CGP1000 utilizes an actual piano soundboard along with a finely crafted grand piano cabinet to perfectly recreate the sonic resonance and subtle harmonics of a concert grand piano – all in a full-featured, sophisticated digital piano.

A perfect blend of the traditional and modern, the breakthrough CGP1000 represents the culmination of years of Yamaha's fine instrument craftsmanship and technological enterprise.

Real grand piano cabinet

The CGP1000 features an elegantly crafted 4' 11" (149 cm) enclosure with beautiful polished ebony finish, real wood keys with Synthetic Ivory key tops (wood is used for the white keys), and a grand piano style fallboard. The fallboard is designed such that the panel controls can be completely hidden – making the instrument look exactly like a real acoustic piano!

Hybrid Active Soundboard System

One of the secrets to the amazingly authentic grand piano sound of the CGP1000 is the actual piano soundboard that has been integrated into the instrument along with state-of-the-art vibro-acoustic technology (using transducers created by Acouve Laboratory, Inc. in Japan). Combined with the sophisticated iAFC (Instrumental Active Field Control) effect, the result is a full, resonant grand piano sound with rich harmonics and astounding realism.

Audio recording of your performance

The CGP1000 is much more than just a piano – it also lets you record your performance as audio data directly to a USB storage device (such as a thumb drive or memory stick). In addition to your keyboard playing, you can connect a microphone or guitar, and record your singing voice or another instrument. Naturally, you can use the Style parts of the instrument or even songs you've recorded with the built-in 16-track MIDI recorder to accompany your performance. Bring the storage device to your computer and share your recordings with your friends via e-mail, record your own CDs, or upload the audio to websites for many others to enjoy.

High-quality accompaniment Styles

Use the Style playback features of the CGP1000 to automatically produce full backing parts that you can play along with and perform over. It's like having an expert band behind you, following your every move and every chord change. The Styles are newly improved as well, utilizing the ultra-realistic Super Articulation and MegaVoices (see below) to create the most authentic and dynamic accompaniment you've ever heard.

Wide Variety of authentic Voices

The CGP1000 contains a truly remarkable collection of realistic instrument Voices – 590 in all, not including the XG Voices – giving you an extensive sonic palette for music creation. All types of keyboards, guitars, strings, wind and brass instruments, drums, percussion, synthesizers – everything has been included. The quality of the voices is also top-notch, including Super Articulation and MegaVoices which feature the unique performance characteristics of each instrument – such as fret noise, harmonics and mutes of a guitar, or the overblown sounds of a saxophone. And of course, the CGP1000 features stunning acoustic piano voices, created with the four step Dynamic Stereo Sampling technology.

Full-featured keyboard instrument

The CGP1000 is packed with a wealth of advanced and sophisticated features. It includes 120 preset Songs, lyric and score display functions as well as a 16-track MIDI recorder with comprehensive recording features that allow you to craft complex, multi-instrument compositions and arrangements – which you can use as backing for your own performance, or as complete songs. There's a full set of effects for processing and enhancing the sounds of the instrument, and even a special Vocal Harmony effect that creates automatic vocal harmony backing parts for your singing, based on the chords you play!

Connect to the Internet – right from your Clavinova!

Log onto Yamaha's special website – without a computer! With the IDC (Internet Direct Connection), you can access the Internet from the LCD display of the instrument and directly download styles or your favorite song files from our site. Once downloaded, these song and style files can be immediately played on the CGP1000! All you need is an appropriate high-speed Internet connection (not dial-up) and you have full access to the convenient Internet Direct Connection services.


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