Yamaha S03 SL

Yamaha S03 SL
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Number of Keys: 61
Key Weight: Synth
Key Size: Full
Touch Sensitive:


Number of Voices: 608
Polyphony: 64
Sound Generation: AWM2
Piano Sounds:
Real World Sounds:
Sounds Editable:

Extra Features



Tablet Connectivity:


Power Supply:


Audio Out:
Audio In:


Sustain Pedal:
Soft Pedal:
Expression Pedal:

Release Info

Year: 2010
RRP: Unknown



Introducing the newest and most portable member of Yamaha's S series synthesizers - the S03. Whether you're an aspiring artist, a performing keyboardist, or you simply want to try your hand at making music, the S03 is just the keyboard for you. Bridging the gap between professional sound quality and affordability, it gives you over 700 incredible voices, including many sounds from Yamaha's top-of-the-line S80 synthesizer. It also features full XG/GM compatibility, 64 notes of polyphony, 16 multi parts, and complete synthesizer editing capability.

There's even a "To Host" serial interface that lets you connect it directly to your Windows or Macintosh computer. And what better way to turn this fantastic-sounding synth into a complete MIDI home studio than with Yamaha's original style and sequencing software, XGworks lite V3.0A. Compatible with both Mac and PC platforms, this bundled software package combines a full-featured MIDI sequencer, an intuitive voice editor, and a complete range of ready-to-use music styles. With the S03, you'll have everything you need to satisfy your musical creativity - right out of the box!

Over 700 Incredible Voices

Never before has a keyboard this affordable offered so many high-quality sounds. Packed into the S03's huge waveform memory (equivalent to 25MB in linear 16-bit conversion) is a complete range of voices for virtually any style of music. All the essentials, including an exhaustive selection of stunning grand pianos, punchy basses, ultra expressive solo and ensemble strings and more, are included -many of which have been taken from Yamaha's acclaimed S80 and S30 professional synthesizers. But that's not all. There's also a vast collection of breathtaking synthesizer textures and avant-garde sounds suitable for anything from movie soundtracks to dance music. And because the S03 features 64 notes of polyphony, you can play long sustaining passages and rich multi-layered chords without worrying about notes cutting off.

Quick AccessTo The Sounds You Want

Although the S03 is loaded with hundreds of high-quality voices, finding the one you want is quick and easy. Simply press the Category Search button and select an instrument type, such piano, organ, bass or strings. The S03 will locate all the related factory voices, allowing you to browse through them one at a time. Perfect for when you need to quickly find a particular sound on stage, or for comparing the different voices within an instrument category.

Full XG Compatibility

General MIDI (GM) is a standardized set of synthesizer voices and MIDI parameters that allows song data to be exchanged with other GM-compatible devices, regardless of the manufacturer. Although quite useful, the GM standard has a relatively limited number of instruments and voice parameters, which in turn limits the expressiveness and variety of music that can be created with it. Yamaha's XG standard, however, addresses these shortcomings by providing more voices (480 + 12 drum kits), more effects, better dynamics, and greater control over MIDI parameters - all this, while retaining full compatibility with the original GM standard. Because the S03 is fully XG compatible, you can be assured that GM MIDI song files will sound their absolute best.


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