Kjaerhus Audio Release Spectra Softsynth

Spectra Soft Synth

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Kjaerhus Audio Release Spectra A multi-stage Additive and Subtractive softy for Windows

Known for their Gold Series of high quality dynamic and EQ plugs and their free Classic Series, the Spectra is Kjaerhus Audios first forray into synthesis and uses their ACLM (Advanced Component Level Modeling) technology.

The Spectra synthesizer plug-in combines multistage additive synthesis with subtractive synthesis. Providing sounds ranging from classic synthesizer to re-synthesized instrument sounds and sound morphing.

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It features a 250 partial additive engine with up to 8 detune-able oscillators per Voice. Up to 100 harmonies can be made on a timeline for re-synthesis and harmony morphing. An audio analyzer is available to convert wave files into harmonies. The subtractive part includes 12 analog modeled filters with resonance, two of those to self-oscillation. Two LFO’s are available for tremolo, vibrato and filter modulations. Five flexible multipoint envelopes with looping and timestretch capabilities are available to control amplitude, filter cut-off, pitch and modulation level for each of the two LFO’s.

“Our goal was to make a musical instrument with new and interesting sound possibilities that was also easy and intuitive to work with. We have done our best to make this synth as logical and nontechnical for the user as possible, focusing on the quality and features that make a difference to the musician,” says Torben Larsen, founder of Kjaerhus Audio.

Spectra will be available for online purchase beginning January 3, 2006. The price will be $198.00, but until February 3, 2006 it can be purchased for only $158.00 as an introduction discount.